Collaborative training of the Internet of Things


The world is becoming increasingly connected. This allows the development of new products designed by engineers and offers opportunities for entrepreneurs to create unprecedented services. Yet, the huge connectivity rules the world in a new paradigm with new questions and challenges.

Connecting as sole purpose, does not work

Adding connectivity to an object is neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition for a successful product. Monetising only through connectivity rarely guarantees sustainable commercial success

Securirty, security and security

With connectivity comes the potential for external security threats through the devices themselves. Some new communication technologies are born with security deficiencies. It is mandatory to make a safe design at the beginning

Monitor assets before people

The information of the asset is the data that serves the utility of the product and service. Therefore, identifying what those data points are must be conscientious and deliberate. If is required to gather personal information by the product ir must be handled carefully

Interoperability, the power of IoT

IoT interoperability has complicated IoT adoption, but designers must adopt the selection of competing standards in other to an effective data interconnection

Free Software

You can use, study, distribute and improve our code, always released under GPL

Open Hardware

Our boards and hardware description modules are Open and created with Open Tools

Technological Heritage

All our work belongs to everybody and is part of the Technological Heritage


Index of projects developed for Internet Of Things

Open community to provide all of Mallorca land with Internet of Things data LoRaWAN connectivity through network crowdsourcing by its citizens and local companies.

Citizen Science Project for continuous recording, alarms and warnings of environmental noise. Currently there is a network of sensors that covers the key areas of 6 neighborhoods in Palma de Mallorca and 1 in Donosti.

Application for gathering, analyzing and warnings of environmental contamination in port environments

First neighborhood with a free and self-managed IoT environmental network

Case Study. Implementation of IoT Technologies in Schools. Since 2022, a program has been under development, beginning with training teachers in LoRaWAN and Arduino technologies. It has involved the monitoring of a greenhouse and will continue with a PoC of smart managing water supply.


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Documentation of the workshops we have done

IoT workshop to build a connected Geiger meter. Based on the ESP8266, MQTT, Node-RED and integrated in the GMC network

Internet of Things workshop with LoRa for beginners

Workshop guide for installation and monitoring of a TinyGS for SPACK

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Interview on IB3 TV about the contamination detected at new year's eve in Palma

The environmental noise monitoring project has been the center of debate in the Balearic Parliament after an initiative that we have helped develop was presented. Based on the recommendations to include Citizen Science included in document C/2023/1640.

Report from the Cinc dies team. Chapter 1752 "We talk about noise, a health problem"

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